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John Russell on CCTV's Dialogue: Australia-China economic ties strong
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North Head Managing Director John Russell featured on CCTV and Sky Australia’s joint production “Dialogue,” discussing the future of China-Australia ties.


John joined seven other thought leaders from Australia and China who formed two panels to debate topics ranging from China’s economy and investments to the South China Sea. Discussing Australia’s economy, John stressed the need for Australia to continue its transition away from commodities and other volatile industries. He also highlighted the growing Australia-China trade and investment relationship, noting that China enjoyed deeper investment penetration of Australia’s market than of the markets of any of China’s other major trading partners, once adjustments are made for the relative size of the Australian economy.


On the topic of US-China tensions, John noted that forming alliances was “in Australia’s DNA,” stressing that the current US-Australian partnership had taken sixty years to solidify from a mixture of US-Australian shared values and negotiations over historical disputes. However, he opined that “the fundamental strategy of Australia is never to put itself in a position where it has to choose between the US and China,” highlighting the need for Australia to balance its political and economic relationships. The opportunities arising from China’s reforms and growing middle class make China the central pillar of Australia’s economic security.




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